NanoVeda’s Entry into The Indian Market


NanoVeda, a Swiss brand of nutritional supplements that blends Ayurveda with proven methods & nanotechnology mechanisms, has forayed into the Indian market. In the shape of oral fast dissolve strips, the homegrown company specializes in herbal and plant-based items that are used. The focus of NanoVeda is on a holistic approach to health and wellness. Without falling victim to some technology-driven practices, the cruelty-free brand strives to remove the inconvenience of traditional supplements by tablets or syrups. Nano Veda has distinguished itself through the convergence of technology and organic farming with its distinctive product innovation.

In the shape of oral strips, NanoVeda has a wide variety of nutritional supplements with diverse flavors that are naturally extracted from fruits and vegetables without making them taste sour. It is a unique approach that makes every day eating enjoyable and easy to sell with laboratory-tested and empirical testing methods based on facts. All NanoVeda products are VEGAN, GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free, hence making them ideally suitable for all body types. In order to make the goods easily dissolvable and more bio-available, NanoVeda utilizes technologies so that the body can digest and make full use of any bit of nutrients. NanoVeda products are appropriate for all age ranges to use, but, of course, children will need advice from their pediatrician.

Various researchers and supervisors who have specialized in the area of Nanotechnology & Ayurveda are curating the goods. Rakshit Mehta who is the founder of NanoVeda commented on the brand’s vision by saying that their mission is to change the demand for supplements and accelerate the introduction of Nutra supplementation in a cool, convenient, and trendy way for all age groups. Popping in pills or taking syrups is such a passé, so they have created a very revolutionary nano-oral self-dissolve strip in delicious natural fruit flavors that makes taking supplements fun, enjoyable and fashionable and, of course, more efficient because of the higher rate of body absorption.

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