New SUV by Skoda inspired by old myths


Skoda revealed the name of its new SUV: Kushaq last week from Mladá Boleslav which is a city in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Kushaq means king in Sanskrit. For its acoustically to sync with Skoda’s other SUV like Kodiaq, Karoq, and Kamiq, the name of this SUV also starts with K and ends with Q. Through the ad film is where the name of the new SUV is announced. A great effort has been put up by Skoda to position itself as a brand for India. The film is filled with many Indian elements like the lotus, palm reading, a rural classroom, dumb charades, the daily newspaper crossword, kite flying, astrology, etc.

Citizens from different states of the country, and the Sikh turban to the Muslim tokih cap, Buddhist monks to a lungi clad family, the quintessential Bengali saree to the North Eastern face, and many more, we could say it is a mosaic of diversity. The ad also refers to the soil of India and also teaches us how to pronounce ‘Kushaq’. It reminds us of a time was Volkswagen ran a campaign that happened several years ago. The ad spelled out the brand name in many different Indian languages so that they can teach Indians how to pronounce the name correctly. The mythology and history are combined with marketing. Compared to Maruti which means Hanuman Kushak or king does not have that much connection to myths. But it is still believed that the name has power, and can transport one to another time. Bajaj’s scooter brand Chetak is named after the eponymous horse of Maharana Pratap. This horse is the one he rode to Haldighati in the 16th-century battle, this is comparable to the brand.

Many other famous car brands have been named after Greek mythological characters like Eos (Volkswagen), Phaeton (Volkswagen), Electra (Buick), etc. Anand Mahindra used Twitter to get their opinion for the names of the cars in the mid-2018, many of the names that he got have some connection with ancient myths. Names of Lord Krishna’s horse are also suggested for the name of the car. Daruga or Daruka was the name of Krishna’s horse is also the name of a Suzuki showroom in Contai in Bengal. In Mahindra, that name was mentioned. Thus new trends have been started to adopt by the brands for customer satisfaction.

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