NIVEA India, Ranveer Singh #TrustMyNIVEAFam Reel Challenge


In order to commemorate the essence of trust, care, and family in our daily lives, skincare company Nivea India announced their multigenerational #TrustMyNIVEAFam Reel challenge.

The challenge sought to connect with people of all ages, just like the brand, and was designed to keep Gen-Zers, millennials, parents, and grandparents interested in the fad.

Nivea India upped the ante by announcing that three of the most creative family submissions will get the opportunity to meet Nivea brand ambassador and actor Ranveer Singh in Mumbai at a joyful finale event.

Everyone is glued to the challenge, including parents, grandparents, millennials, and Gen-Zers of today.

By launching the first-ever, special, humorous, yet relevant multi-generational #TrustMyNIVEAFam Reel Challenge to commemorate the importance of trust, care, and family in our daily lives, NIVEA India has created a social media buzz. The challenge has everyone, including grandparents, parents, millennials, and Gen-Zers of today enthralled with the trend since it connects across generations as the brand does. NIVEA India revealed that three of the most original family entries would receive the opportunity to meet NIVEA’s brand ambassador and Bollywood Superstar, Ranveer Singh in Mumbai at a celebratory NIVEA finale event, upping the ante even further.

The methods to take the #TrustMyNIVEAFam Challenge are as follows for viewers:

Create a reel using the audio from “#TrustMyNIVEAFam”

Submit the family’s family-video (grandparents, parents, siblings, and children)

Upload the reel with the hashtag #TrustMyNIVEAFam Challenge, mentioning @niveaindia.

Winners will have the opportunity to interact with Ranveer Singh at a special Nivea event in Mumbai!

About Nivea India:

One of the biggest skincare companies in the world, NIVEA offers more than 50 products in 173 nations. Our 1,290-person global team of scientists is committed to advancing our offerings and making new discoveries in effective skin care.

“We track new trends frequently, and customers have actually given rise to the idea of healthy-looking skin. According to George in a recent interview with ET, Indian consumers think that “healthy-looking” skin meets all of their criteria, including radiance, acne-free, smooth, supple, soft, and beautiful skin.

“This country’s consumption trends and behaviour are driven by the informed and engaged customer. To encourage non-users to adopt, we have concentrated our efforts on providing for these particular needs.

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