Omnigel teaches the importance of choosing the right product in its new TVC


Omnigel from Cipla Health has launched a series of short 20 seconds television commercial films aiming to promote the added benefits of the product. The TV commercial laced with a way of humor showcases a slice-of-life communication that picturizes the importance of choosing the proper product to recover from an acute muscle or joint pain.

The series of short films happens at a medical store, depicting how consumers casually purchase medicines for quick neck or back pain-relief neglecting their bodily requirements. The communication focuses on driving differentiation for the brand by establishing Diclofenac as superior to the other ordinary pain care solutions. The advertisements are made by Brand David Communications and will be aired in eight Indian languages across TV channels as well as on other digital platforms.
All of the films conclude with ‘Jadd Se Dard Ko mitaye’ which establishes the brand’s credentials as India’s no.1 pain recovery gel. Available as both- gel and pain relief spray, Omnigel takes care of joint pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, and may be used for any quite musculoskeletal pain related to osteoarthritis, atrophic arthritis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, back pain, neck pain, and even injuries for sportsmen.

Shivam Puri, the CEO, Cipla Health, commented, “We have taken the humorous route to attach with our consumers through real-world scenarios and help them make the transition towards focussing on eliminating the basis explanation for pain than availing surface level temporary relief measures. it’s important to shift the mindset from ‘plain’ relief to pain recovery to spring back in action.”
It is visible that due to busy schedules consumers often choose quick pain-relief solutions that only provide temporary relief by suppressing the pain. Instead, it’s highly recommended to use topical treatment containing Diclofenac which is one of the foremost widely used pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory formulas that works by reducing root explanation for the pain- swelling, and inflammation, thus relieving the pain.

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