OnePlus TV unveils campaign ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter’


The “Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.” campaign was unveiled by OnePlus, a leading global technology company, in collaboration with Shahid and Mira Kapoor. The original advertisement, which features the OnePlus TV U1S, urges its users and community to genuinely connect with their loved ones by turning off their televisions.

Ishita Grover, OnePlus India’s Director of Marketing Communications Our community is at the heart of all we do at OnePlus India. By opting to disconnect from their smart TVs once, we want to offer our community a delightful perspective on what defines quality moments in life and provoke reflection in them.

“Through the ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ campaign, our objective is to further strengthen the relationship with our community and help them make mindful choices in life,” said Saurabh Kapoor, Director of Brand and Category Management at OnePlus India. According to the most recent Counterpoint report, this very relationship was the driving force behind OnePlus’ emergence as the fastest-growing smart TV brand in India in H1 2022 with a 123% YoY growth rate. As of today, OnePlus is among the top 3 smart TV brands in India’s overall TV market in Q2 2022. Our community’s trust in and support of us has led to our success. We consequently aspire to contribute to our community’s ability to have a higher quality of life with their loved ones by supporting campaigns like “Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.”

OnePlus has launched its ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter’ campaign ahead of the festive season. Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor believes that this is an apt time to remind people to switch off from their digital world and celebrate with their loved ones.

OnePlus is bringing a refreshing take on how tech users can enjoy their lives with conscious use of their tech products. Further, renowned celebrity, Mira Kapoor added, “Celebrating special occasions with family is a significant aspect of our lives and should be an experience to cherish for life”.

The very first image of the ad shows Mira enjoying watching content on their OnePlus TV in their festively decorated home. At the end of the ad, Mira simply turns the TV off using Google Voice Assistant. With her OnePlus Buds Pro connected to the OnePlus TV and easily controlling the TV with her OnePlus 10T 5G, Mira is portrayed as being engaged in the connected ecosystem experience of the company.

Utsav Gokani came up with the idea for the campaign, which was developed in collaboration with Media Monks. Apart from highlighting the brand’s smart features, the advertisement also shows off NFC, quick app switching, volume control, and seamless IoT connectivity with other OnePlus devices. OnePlus entered the smart TV market in 2019 and has experienced commendable success in the segment.

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