Paytm launches a new campaign to introduce money transfer using mobile number


Paytm has launched a new campaign about how one can transfer money directly from a bank account without the need for wallet KYC using the Paytm app. Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment system and financial technology company. The name Paytm stands for Pay through Mobile.

In this campaign, they include an educative video that how one can directly transfer money from their bank account using a mobile number via Paytm.

The video starts with a scene from an Indian wedding where the bride’s sister asks for money from the groom before returning his shoes. The groom admits to sending the money using the Paytm app but she says that her wallet KYC is not completed. At that time, the groom’s brother interjects and timidly asks the girl for her mobile number.

In the next scene, the groom’s brother notifies that anyone can transfer money directly from their bank account to any other bank account using only a mobile number and there is no need for wallet KYC.

Here the video ends with the scene of the groom transferring the money to the girl’s bank account using her mobile number within seconds and also receiving cash back for him to making the transaction.

Abhinav Kumar, vice president, Paytm, speaks about the campaign that in this campaign, they aim to provide knowledge to the users about how bank account transfers can be done within a minute using the Paytm app. And it is very useful for customers nowadays. Paytm Payment is also allowing savings and current accounts with a debit card and the ability to make fast and secure payments.

In this current pandemic situation, most of the customers are using digital platforms to do their financial transactions because it is easier and risk-free and also saves the customers from going to the bank and making payment. So that the customers can make their payment from home to anywhere in India. There are so many other advantages to Paytm, especially in this current situation. It saves time, it is quick & safe, and also helps to bill payment, recharge, book tickets, and lots more in a single application.


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