Pepsi soothes consumers in Nepal with swag


This summer, consumers from Nepal will be in for a treat, since Pepsi promised them to quench their thirst, and bestows us refreshed inkling. This youth-centric brand has been launched in Nepal. Pradeep Khadka, one among the superstar as their new brand ambassador had introduced a summer campaign.

This new film is a continuation of Har ghoont ma swag proposition and reflects the Pepsi hero’s intimacy with his friends over a game of carrom on a hot summer day. Meanwhile, another friend is busy in a conversation on phone with his girlfriend. By gazing at this budding romance, Pradeep’s friend explains ‘Kyaa maya’. On contesting with this cheeky banter, Pradeep indicated that ‘Kyaa   Garmi ‘, and grabs a chilly bottle of Pepsi.  He takes a swig and declares   ‘Kyaa refreshing with Swag.

Naseeb Puri, marketing Director of PepsiCo, Nepal Region, stated that Pepsi has always been the choice of the young generation, and everyone in Nepal loves cola drinks. They are extremely happy to have Pradeep as their brand ambassador, as his charming attitude matches with the brand synergies’’.

Pepsi brand ambassador stated that he was always a big fan of Pepsi, and truly rely on it to drive away summer’s beat with SWAG.  This resilient attitude of this brand is what it makes so relatable to youth. Hereafter, I am very confident and can assure you that everyone will  adore this news as well as cherish their moments with the chilled Pepsi.

Nepalese have been using this Pepsi, and also there had been an increase in demand. As their population density is more, and their place is extremely hot. Many companies are coming into the Nepal for marketing and promotion of their products. Those companies include Bottlers Nepal Terai Ltd, Barun Beverage Ltd, frooti, juice, and other companies. Currently, the research of the prevailing market is done by estimating the situation of coca-cola and Pepsi cola. This analysis is done through customer’s purchase behaviors along with the brand preference, and is conducted with a title ‘Market situation of coca-cola and Pepsi cola brand in Pokhara Municipality’.

This new Pepsi TVC will be broadcasted across TV, digital, outdoor, and social media along with a 360-degree surround sound. Pepsi is affordable easily in single and multi-serve packs across all modern and traditional relief outlets.

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