Practically – First Brand Campaign Launch


Practically is a new e-learning app that is designed to make learning experiential and increase retention among students of class 6 to 12. They have kickstarted its first-ever brand campaign based on the theme – ‘Bring Learning Alive’. The Unique Selling Point of this product is an intelligent, interactive, and immersive learning experience driven by 3D videos, simulations, and Augmented Reality. The motive for the above proposition is accompanied by the main features of the app such as Hands-on Learning, Experiential Learning, Access to Subject Experts, Life-like video content, Live Classes & Meeting the official brand mascot Proton, all of which add to the enhanced and engaging experience for the user. The new feature Coding++, which promises to be the A-Z of coding is due to be launched soon.

This makes Practically an overall e-learning choice for every student, besides giving parents a one-stop solution to address their child’s academic needs. The brand campaign includes associate sponsorship on the reality show Big Boss Telegu 2020 for 2 weeks, print, digital marketing, and social media amplification. The TV association and print ads will start running in December whereas the digital and social media side of the campaign will extend well over the next month, giving the campaign scale. While the main target is on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana given that these are the current preference markets for the brand, the digital campaign will run in the top 15 cities in the country with greater attention on Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Practically aims to strengthen its connection with audiences in the run through this approach up to the pan-India launch of the brand shortly.

Marketing & Brand Strategist of Practically Mr. Mahadev Srivatsa said that the launching of their first-ever brand campaign was an absolute delight. The main aim of their campaign was to generate more attention about the brand and showcase exactly how Practically makes learning for the students alive through its immersive features. The 30-sec Television commercials highlight all the main features of the brand interlinked around the brand proposition of ‘Bring Learning Alive Practically’. The jingle format serves as a perfect confusion breaker to land this message in an engaging & fun manner. Srivatsa further added by saying that both the TVCs have been well received and are already on their way to crossing a million views combined on YouTube since the campaign’s launch on 5th December. This is a bright start to many more and greater things to come and the feedback is extremely encouraging. The ‘Bring Learning Alive’ campaign, was developed by the brand team in association with a video production house called ‘Something Completely Different’ which is based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore.


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