Saffola Launches New Campaign ‘Rakhna Heart Ka Khayal’


Saffola, the cooking oil brand from Marico, has launched a new campaign that seeks to emphasize the need for everyday heart care by using the context of a tedious, busy, and stressful lifestyle.

The television commercial picturizes real-life situations of work stress that can create a huge impact on our hearts and intensifies the importance of ‘Rakhna Heart Ka Khayal’. Moving away from the usual stereotypical gender concept of a woman taking care of the husband and the family’s health, the film captures a modern couple where the husband is the one looking after his wife.

Created by Mullen Lintas, the ad portrays a husband as the one who is concerned about the stress his wife goes through at work and its inducing impact on her heart. Since he cannot reduce her stress, no matter how much he would like to, he tries to do what’s in his control – to take care of her heart. The ad is set on an adaptation of a popular Bollywood track and ends with the message of taking care of the heart health proactively.

Koshy George, CMO, Marico Limited said that through this new campaign, Saffola aims to evoke awareness of the impact of stress on our heart and the capture need for proactive care. The new television commercial also showcases an innovative and interesting shift in a modern Indian household and portrays a husband who takes care of his wife’s heart and overall health. The campaign picturizes the important message which notes that everyone leads a busy and stressful lifestyle which could be putting tremendous pressure on the heart and therefore proactive care is a necessity.

Talking about the campaign, Azazul Haque and Garima Khandelwal – CEOs, Mullen Lintas, said that they want to take a more innovative and accelerating stance and tell their story through a new concept of gender role reversal, which stands unique from the usual stereotypical idea. Therefore, they produced the narrative around women’s heart health, at the same time relatable to all. Hence, this story of a husband concerned about his wife’s heart health since her work involves everyday stress showcased a scene that is sweet, emotive, progressive, relatable, and emotionally compelling.


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