St+art India Foundation collaborated with Adidas for an art intervention


St+art India Foundation has collaborated with Adidas. The collaboration aims to create a unique urban art intervention on the basketball court of Mumbai’s St. Andrews High School. 

The innovative art intervention aims to transform the basketball court at St. Andrews College into a cultural hub.

Adidas has teamed up with St+art India Foundation to rejuvenate the basketball court of Mumbai’s St. Andrews High School. The initiative will combine the world of art and sports as a medium for storytelling around credibility in sports. Furthering its core belief; through sport, we have the power to change lives.

The striking urban art intervention is another initiative by the brand to louden its, ‘Impossible is Nothing’ narrative with a central focus on the importance of team spirit and collaboration in breaking new ground and achieving shared goals.

Grabbing possibilities is key to achieving the purpose of changing lives through the power of sport. The innovative artwork features the team spirit to inspire young athletes to adopt the ‘We over Me’ mentality. The artwork will show and teach athletes sportsmanship. 

The basketball court at St. Andrews High School will become a canvas to inspire and connect various communities to see a world of opportunities said, Sunil Gupta, Senior Director, Brand Adidas, India.

The artwork features the Chifumi Krohom’s signature motif of ‘hands’ depicted in a pop-art style, with bold lines and bright colours. Chifumi Krohom’s craft is famous for representing relevance with the locale. 

The artwork focuses on ‘a team huddle’, which is the most important moment before a sporting event. The design includes different hands of both boys and girls to highlight this universal moment in sports culture.

The artwork also incorporates different skin tones and colours to louden the message of equality and highlight the importance of diversity. 

The artwork has been framed with bold typography that portrays an impactful message, We See Possibilities When We Come Together. The message aims to propagate the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and inclusion. 

Against the backdrop of this newly revamped court, Adidas & St+art India aim to encourage the youth to view sports culture through the lens of  ‘we over me’ me, while transforming the court into a cultural hotspot.

We are stoked by the collaboration with Adidas that once more brings together art and sport, fueling the vision of an active lifestyle accessible to all said, Giulia Ambrogi, Co-founder, St+art India Foundation. 

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