Tata Sky launches quirky ad film


Tata Sky, an Indian direct broadcast satellite service provider, launched a new platform service, “Tata Sky Astro Duniya” featuring actor Vinay Pathak. The offering includes access to astrology materials for subscribers, providing a broad variety of services including numerology, horoscope, reading tarot, reiki, Fengshui, and more. The service features a line-up of celebrity practitioners.

The ad film, conceptualized by Ogilvy, features actor Vinay Pathak and is based on the insight that by focusing on inauthentic advice, people sometimes make the wrong decisions. In the film, we see Pathak searching for the right moment to express his emotions to his love interest, but due to inauspicious timing, his friend is discouraged and misled. In the end, the friend’s ulterior motive is exposed which surprises Pathak. At this point, the brand’s message of faith in expert advice is expressed.

With Tata Sky Astro Duniya, they intend to provide their subscribers with insights on different aspects of life and home using astrology, numerology, Vastu from reputable astrology experts, including customized consultations. They thank Dominiche Productions for helping them to develop this property and are optimistic that their advertising campaign featuring actor Vinay Pathak will generate great buzz for the service. Also, all the service users can click the red button on their remote and get regular forecasts and cookies of fortune. Popular astrologers can easily be contacted via call/chat on the website. All of this and more makes the Tata Sky Astro Duniya an ultimate portal into the astrological universe.

The service is now available to all subscribers on #512 at an optimum price of Rs.2 a day after the first 10 days at no additional price. Tata Sky has a comprehensive and wide variety of offers as part of their platform service offerings, including Tata Sky Fitness, Tata Sky Catering, Tata Sky Theatre, Tata Sky Beauty to name a few.


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