The higher price tag can be a hurdle for Apple


Apple has been able to save itself from the recession and its side effects. But for how long it will be able to do so is doubtful. It has various products which keep its fan base happy regularly.

The various products which it has, are updated annually. The company has also been able to keep its fans busy with the new products and the updates that it announces at its events.

But the market has some other plans. There are speculations that it will also get affected by the recession. As the rich will cut down their investments in electronic devices, it will affect Apple and similar companies to some extent.

The iPhone which is the most popular product from Apple is also the highest revenue gainer for the company. But as the competition is increasing, it is facing stiff competition from its android rivals also. The Chinese players, who were once considered bad, are now occupying the majority stakes in various countries like India.

The iPod was launched in 2000, just before the dot-com boom, and the iPhone was launched in 2007 just before the recession of 2008. But both the devices were able to beat the odds and were able to gain profits for the company.

Similarly, the new products are trying to copy the same success for the company. But they are not able to do so. The various improvements and the innovations which apple tries to introduce with its products are not always the fan-favorite. Some of its devices have also been failures. So, it is difficult to predict whether the recession will have some effects on Apple or not.

But there is also some positive news in the market that Apple will be able to safeguard itself from the recession and its effects.  In the past also, the company was able to increase its revenue with new product launches in the middle of tough times. In the case of the iPhone in 2007, Apple was able to increase its revenue by a double-digit margin in spite of having the recession in front of them.

All the implications do depict that Apple will be successful in saving itself from the difficult times. But the future will show us the results.

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