The Media Guide by Merkle B2B & Bloomberg Quint


The ‘Media Guide’ for Indian Tech Marketers by Merkle B2B and Bloomberg Quint is a guide for Indian Tech Marketers who are trying to understand ways to respond to the tech buyer’s dynamically changing world.

The pandemic and its aftermath have persuaded people to invest in technology or technological assets. CEOs and MDs are aiming to run a cost-effective ecosystem, the involvement of technology is something they are looking for. 

They are looking for business leaders or external parties like analysts, consultants for deeper insights and better understanding.

Technology with data privacy ad security is what organisations are looking for. The preference for technology has increased exponentially.

Greyhound Research was commissioned to excavate and illustrate the tech buyers with deeper insights about the current situation and opportunities.

Merkle B2B is an agency from the house of Dentsu India, while Bloomberg Quint is an Indian business and financial news organisation. 

The study has been conducted with different Chief Information Officers and IT Decision Makers from India. All contributed to identifying concerns, issues & preferences about a brand, product, or solution.  

Indian CIOs (Chief Information Officer) and ITDMs (IT Decision Maker) contributed to the study to understand the viewpoint of Indian tech buyers and the factors influencing their decisions. 

The report incorporates a detailed study of both e-mail surveys and face-to-face interviews. The sample size comprises 60 organisations including 30 enterprises and 30 small-to-medium start-ups and businesses.

The study incorporates all segments for buyers such as Enterprises, Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs), and Startups.

Below is the research methodology used: 

  • Email-based survey + F2F interviews.
  • Sample size: 60 organisations (n=30 Enterprise, n=30 SMB/Start-ups).
  • Audience: CIOs, ITDMs and Influencers.
  • Period: April 2020 to March 2021.

The study is aimed to find answers to the alarming questions that will help marketers : 

  • How do stakeholders within the IT organisation affect the purchase cycle?
  • Does media influence – preference, consideration, and purchase?
  • What new content types have the tech buyers opened to during COVID?

Key highlights of the report:

  • The MDs and organisations are personally getting involved in the technology decision-making process. Organisations are looking for analysts and consultants to gain deeper insights and better bargains.
  • Eighty per cent of traditional organisations and seventy-three per cent of startups preferably use local podcasts and videos along with their global content pieces to strengthen context.
  • Seventy-three per cent of respondents from traditional organisations continue to value conferences and events, while fifty-three per cent of startup organisations prefer them as part of the new technology buying decision-making process.
  • Sixty per cent of traditional organisations and all startup organisations find online technology magazines to be effective in their technology buying decision-making.
  • Forty per cent of startup organisations and twenty-three per cent of traditional organisations find global video content to be helpful while identifying a technology vendor.

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