This is how you can claim a Covid insurance


The need and demand for health insurance and covid insurance have drastically increased in the past couple of years. The claim is increasing as the number of people getting to affect by the covid are rapidly increasing. as more people are claiming the insurance people seek the easy transaction process.

  Remember that it is very important to inform the insurer within 24hours after testing and also arranging all the documents related to insurance would help. The medical expensed related to covid are very high which would easily take decade earnings of a middle-class person. So, it is very much recommended to have covid insurance for self and family which could save a lot of money.

One must be very careful while selecting the insurance plan as some only pay the hospital bills and house treatment amount is not covered in that. And also, upfront reimbursement is another concept where the insurance company first pays for the medical expenses, if that is not then mentioned the insured should pay the expenses from his own money can have a claim.

Case1: How can you use the go cashless option at the hospital?

First, make sure to inform the insurance company about the covid within 24 hours. Display the health card (given by the insurance company) at the cashier of the hospital and fill in the required details in the form given by the hospital then after the hospital does it verification work and also you need to submit the pre-authorization form and informs the insurance company/network and they pay the bills as mentioned.

Case2:  how to claim the amount for medical expenses?

In case of hospital mentioned in any non-network hospitals then you should inform the insurer within 48hrurs.and once the treatment is done collect the bills and invoices from the hospital and collect the “exit file” after you get discharged. Now submit the filled reimbursement form along with all original invoices and send them to the insurance company once the verification is done the insured person will get access to the claim amount in few days.

If the company rejects, you will get a letter of rejection with the reason mentioned in it.

Some documents which are required to claim:

– Original bills 

– Identity proof of insured 

– Exit file

– Discharge summary 

– KYC details 

Once these documents are submitted then the claim will be settled 

Pay keen attention while choosing an insurance policy to choose an easy claim settlement. Always keep the original bills handy as they might be useful at any time and home treatment expenses are only covered in special schemes such as upfront payment schemes.

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