Toilet soaps sees an exponential growth in GECs


Toilet shops included in the category of hygiene and health care products were gaining huge market share in the general entertainment channels. Commercial advertising even added up about 55% to the total volume of Ads across the GEC (general entertainment channels) while on the contrary TAM Media Research reported that the promos covered only about 45 percent of the total volume ad in the year 2020. Among the top 10 advertising categories, toilet soaps are being topped in the list.

In the correspondence with the current scenario of the pandemic situation, most of the customers turned out to be focusing more on the personal care brands, to which most markets responded by producing bulk TV advertisements of varieties of soaps, cleaning liquids, shampoos and detergents.

Personal care / personal hygiene products were in the top sector which took on about 22% of the share of television advertisement to an expanded height. This included the Hair Care (8%) and Personal Healthcare (8%) and the product categories included the Toilet Soaps (8%), Shampoos (5%) and Tooth Pastes (4%) which was followed up by Washing Powders/Liquids (4%) and Milk Beverages (4%).

Most of the soap brands, along with their marketing strategy, were working towards spreading hygiene awareness in the times of covid-19. Namely, soap brands like Unilever, Lifebuoy along with their marketing ads, also have started to extend with public service messages through TVC’S and digital ads to spread awareness among their customers. Most of the ads focus on providing awareness to the public about the ways to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. In the preliminary days of the pandemic, Lifebuoy took initiative to release public service messages which asked the customers to fight and prevent the spread of coronavirus by using any kind of soap which is available in the market, whether it is lux, Dettol, santoor, or Godrej no.1.

Toilet shops like Dettol were leading the brand advertising across the media in the first quartile of the current calendar by having a share of 8% which was then followed up by lux toilet soap at 7% and lies old floor cleaners at 6% of market share.

According to the report, the general entertainment channels (GEC) was experiencing exclusively around 1300 advertisers and 2700 brands during the year 2020.


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