#UncoverTheEpic, a campaign by Samsung with National Geographic


Samsung India and National Geographic Traveller India together launched the campaign #UncoverTheEpic featuring Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Samsung, India’s most trusted and world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. This campaign features the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’s 8K Video Snap feature. 8K Video Snap enables to take high-resolution stills from a cinematic 8K video.

#UncoverTheEpic campaign led by Eshika Fyzee, filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer travelled to the stunning Kashmir valley to capture the elusive wildlife species. With best-in-class camera features of the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G like Space Zoom.

Eshika in an epic journey explored the Himalayan species in their natural habitat. Her exciting adventures can be viewed on both Samsung India and National Geographic Traveller India’s social media channels.

Eshika explored the Kashmir valley and the Himalyan Mountains to capture the Himalayan Black Bear along with other species. Using the incredible camera capabilities of the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, she captured the magnificent species while spreading the message that there is a better option than a heavy telephoto lens and bulky camera equipment to document wildlife and natural history.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G users are now equipped to capture studio-quality photos in varied lightings and settings. Samsung’s first-ever Dual-tele lens system produced the 100x Space Zoom, enabled and equipped with Dual Pixel to capture clear shots even when you are far from the action.

With the combination of anti-shake technology, the camera can produce images like high-end DSLRs all thanks to 10x optical zoom and both laser and dual-pixel autofocus. The 8K Video feature allows users to capture the entire moment in stunning quality and turn their best candid moments into high-resolution stills with 8K Video Snap.

With the most advanced pro-grade camera system, The enhanced 108MP pro-grade camera of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G enables users to express and connect in a host of new ways.

 #UncoverTheEpic is an exciting campaign featuring Himalayan species in their natural habitat. Together with National Geographic Traveller India, to showcase the capabilities of pro-grade 108MP lens of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G that can transform the way we shoot and capture visuals

Capturing an animal like the elusive Himalayan black bear on a smartphone was a huge challenge. They are extremely shy and protective. Getting an eye on the rarely seen animal in the vast terrain of the Himalayas is a difficult task. Photographing them in such critical situations was truly an adventure.

The Space Zoom feature on Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G blew me out, I could keep a distance and still get crisp shots of the black bear all by using a smartphone that fits in my pocket said, Eshika Fyzee, National Geographic Explorer and Filmmaker.

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