USPTO grants patent for Drift’s AI-Based Chatbot Solution


The revenue acceleration platform leader Drift issued a patent for its Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot. The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) granted a patent titled patent#10,818,293 for developing a response in a multi-turn interaction between a bot (conversational) and a user. This represents the company’s commitment to the industry and shows the way for event-based dialogue managers.

Drift is the market-leading conversational AI solution. Conversational marketing is the greatest way to take buyers through marketing and sales canal through the use of real-time conversations. Using these bots can build relationships and creates genuine experiences with prospective customers as well as buyers.

The idea of conversational marketing is that as a replacement for forcing people to go through lead capture forms and wait days for a response, this technology uses targeted messaging and AI-based chatbots to connect with people when they visit your website. This makes it easier for people to engage with your business as well as will help you connect the right leads sooner. They believe this means happier customers and a happier company. Drift has enabled the same along with a trial version on its own website.

Drift Automation solution was launched in September 2019, right after the acquisition of Giant Otter Technologies. Companies such as Zenefits, Smartling, and Tenable counts as customers. Zenefits announced that after using Drift’s AI, it has seen a rise in prospect-to-win rate by 93% and reduced their buying cycle from over six months to 12 days. Drift Automation has also influenced over $3.6M in the pipeline for the company and facilitated a 44% increase in the response rate.

Chatbots are not a new concept. The conventional bots such as virtual assistants and customer support from major tech companies are designed for reactive “intent”-driven use-cases. Whereas, Drift’s unique solution is focused on the event and designed from the basement for multi-turn sales and marketing dialogues that are proactive and reactive at the same time. Intents constrain a bot to think about one context at a time, while Drift’s AI allows to keeps multiple events active at once. This enables flexible and extended conversations that facilitate smooth flow between the topics and empowering customers to introduce new topics at any time.


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