Voltas National Energy Conservation Day Celebrations


The national conservation day has been celebrated in India on 14th December of every year since 1991. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), under the Ministry of Power, is the governing body that leads the celebrations. The objective of the day is to create mass awareness of the importance of energy conservation and energy. The BEE also acknowledges the industries that have strived for the conservation and efficient use of energy and also felicitates them with National Energy Conservation Awards.

Voltas, the Indian multinational home appliance company, also took part in this year’s celebrations as energy consumption grows at an unprecedented pace, and resources are exhausted more quickly than they can be replenished, it is important to pay attention to our world for an hour. Voltas has recognized the importance of energy conservation and the Company has become the front runner in taking initiative towards energy conservation through its Energy-Efficient Product, Technology, and Infrastructure, Services as a Brand and as an Organization. As part of their efforts to increase awareness, they released a research document that highlights the importance and benefits of using inverter ACs along with some statistics of usage.

Voltas has been the forerunner for energy-efficient products in India with its energy-efficient AC release in 2007. They were also one of the first to introduce star rating to products encouraging others in the industry to follow suit. They introduced India‚Äôs 1st 5-star rated Front-load Washing machine and the 1st Inverter Window AC in India and All-Star Inverter AC range. Voltas has generated 15 lakh KWH of solar energy and has electrified over 7000 villages and plated 1500 trees. There is a remarkable rise in the use of ACs as temperatures continue to increase across the globe. The wise option is to turn to inverter ACs with such a rapid rise in the daily usage of ACs as they contribute to resource reliability as well as operating costs. According to Volta’s studies conducted with NFX and Nielson, 33% of customers use their inverter AC all year round, 60% of customers use their inverter AC for more than 12 hours on a weekday, while 70% of customers use their inverter AC for more than 8 hours on weekends.


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