WatConsult launches ‘Bharat by WatConsult’ for multilingual digital needs


WatConsult, a digital agency from Dentsu International, has launched ‘Bharat by WatConsult,’ a one-stop solution for all multilingual digital marketing needs. With the exponential development of online regional language users, there is a strong need for the digital environment to become more linguistically diverse. Via this latest launch, the Firm seeks to help marketers shape and sharpen their commitment to exploiting this multilingual digital marketing.

The Organization will deliver a holistic power stack for digital local languages, including innovative digital marketing strategies, social media management, online visibility and response management, localization technology solutions, SEO, and websites. It will also provide e-commerce and advertising strategy and sourcing options.

WatConsult has successfully developed and launched a range of initiatives, bearing in mind the linguistic diversity of the Indian audience, such as focusing on various pronunciations and spellings of the word ‘geezer’ to expand the scope of Racold water heaters. For SBI Life’s Real Life Stories initiative, each story was told in the protagonist’s language to optimize relatability and better bottle its meaning. Bharat by WatConsult has also recently released its study ‘Digital, Diverse & Multilingual India’ as a further step in allowing brands and customers to connect in the best possible way.

India has always been renowned for its diversity. It has hundreds of main languages and a number more dialects. It is only fair that this linguistically diverse community, which is coming online in spades, should be granted a digital space that represents this diversity. With people from Tier II & III cities increasingly becoming a big part of the online audience, a vernacular approach is no longer just an add-on, but rather a necessity.

For the record, WatConsult has 14 years of expertise in various fields such as business & customer analysis, innovation & content design, website/app development, immersive engagement, digital and social listening, e-commerce, ORM, SEO, media purchasing & preparation, programmatic ads, and much more.

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