Web application attacks targeting video games and companies: Akamai


Akamai Technologies, Inc. is a global content delivery network, cybersecurity, and cloud services company. Company research recently showing that cyberattack traffic targeting the video game industry more than any other industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Research Report, the Video game industry has suffered a lot. More than 240 million web application attacks done in 2020. Mobile games include in-app purchases are also prone to be affected by these attacks. The attackers are waiting for the opportunity to enforce players who spend real money on the virtual game –items like skins, character enhancements, and additional levels.

Based on a report, a recent Example; using a phishing kit to steal player email addresses, passwords, login details, and location details, all information later will be sold in the criminal market.

Criminals are launching continuous waves of attacks against games, and players gaining profit, and stealing personal information, and gain competitive advantages. Gamers, game publishers, and game services must work to fight against these malicious activities through a combination of technology.

Also, Akamai saw 10.6 billion web application attacks across its customers between July 2018and June 2020. The most significant SQL injection attacks intended to use the user login credentials, personal data, and other information stored in the targeted server database. The attacker always targets mobile and web-based games with SQLi and LFI(Local File Inclusion) attacks due to access to usernames, passwords, and account information.

During lockdowns, video games are the source entry for entertainment, and social interaction has turned this into an advantage to the attackers.

Steve Ragan, the Akamai security researcher, said, we are observing a Remarkable resolution in the video game industry. The Defenses are being tested on a daily and hourly basis by criminals searching for the possibility to crack servers and expose information. Also, numerous groups are forming on social networking sites and sharing the attack techniques and best practices.

“Recycling and using simple passwords make a chance of giving the rights and authorities for the criminals.” One account can comprise any other account where the same username and password combinations have been used. The attacks are large and steady are taking place at millions per day. Mostly observed that phishing is the most popular in taking over attacks.

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