Wiggles launches new dog food range ‘EveryDawg’


All dog breeds can eat EveryDawg, a tasty and wholesome dry food for dogs that is free of sugar and gluten. EveryDawg is meticulously created to satisfy the daily nutritional needs of dogs based on their life stage and is available in three varieties: Mother and Puppy, Puppies, and Adult Dogs.

The ingredients of EveryDawg Mother and Puppy for pregnant and nursing mother dogs include colostrum, milk thistle, red raspberry leaves, hemp powder, rosemary, wheat germ oil, and yucca extract. The formula maintains the mother’s health, boosts neonates’ immunity, and enhances milk production.

EveryDawg Puppy is made up of the proper ingredients in the right amounts, including yucca extract, fish oil, flaxseed, rosemary, papaya, pumpkin, black pepper, cumin, and carom seeds, as well as hemp powder, fish oil, flaxseed, rosemary, and rosemary. Puppies benefit from it by growing at their best, having a healthy digestive system, a lustrous coat, and robust immune.

Healthy, human-grade chicken, rice, and veggies make up the majority of the ingredients in all 3 variations.

Anushka Iyer, founder, and CEO of Wiggles commented on the company’s decision to broaden the selection of pet food, saying, “At Wiggles, it is our constant aim to make pet care more accessible and cheap without compromising on quality. Each new product we introduce moves us closer to our overarching vision and objective of creating a pet care brand that is proud to be Made in India and supports us in maintaining our leadership position. Indian pet owners are accustomed to giving their animals homemade food like roti, milk, and biscuits, which lacks a comprehensive and balanced diet and deprives animals of vital nutrients including prebiotics, antioxidants, and critical vitamins and minerals.

EveryDawg from Wiggles is made with the proper nutrient profile at a reasonable price. Each packet of EveryDawg’s three varieties contains the ideal quantity of protein, lipids, and energy for dogs of all ages because they all adhere to the AAFCO nutritional recommendations for canines. We are confident that pet parents will find value in this new product from Wiggles as a daily feeding choice for dogs. We will keep introducing goods that move us closer to becoming respected partners in pet parenting in India and around the world,” Iyer added.

EveryDawg is offered PAN India via the Wiggles.in website, top e-commerce platforms, and pet specialty shops, to service every dog in the nation. Priced at Rs 50 for 100 grams and Rs 469 for 1 kg for the Mother and Puppy variant, Rs 40 for 100 grams and Rs 369 for 1 kg for the Puppies variant, and Rs 35 for 100 grams and Rs 329 for 1 kg for the yet-to-be-released Adult variant.

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