Work from home amid Omicron; Delhi


As we all know, Delhi is one of the states which is emerging in the top list of the number of covid cases in this third wave, the Omicron surge, and the government has implemented the revised rules and regulations to control the situation. 

One of the ways the government recently implemented was to start work from home for pregnant women, disabled people, and people who have health and immunity issues.

The government has also excluded the staff who haven’t taken the full vaccination and who have small children back at their homes. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority issued the order last day concerning the safety of people. 

As per the reports, this variant is mainly affecting people with low immunity and this category involves pregnant people, disabled people, people who haven’t taken the vaccination, and people who have small children at the home. 

Ensuring the safety of the people and controlling the spread of the variant this move was really an effective one by the Delhi government in order to provide 50%of people in the workplace as per the revised rules and regulations of the government. 

The people who have received work from home will have regular work and effective communication with the company and the normally paid salary.

The people who are involved in the essential services are excluded from the same. They must report to the office following the rules and regulations implemented by the government when it comes to office and workplaces. 

On Saturday Delhi, reported 20,718 covid cases and a test positivity rate of 30.64% according to the health department of the state.

The government is thinking of loosening the rules and restrictions that are implied in the state when the case lowers down the number of 15,000. 

The Delhi government has closed down the schools and started online classes for college and school students ensuring their safety and started the vaccination for the children group from 15 to 18. 

The government has also implemented 100% full seating capacity in metro and buses to avoid overcrowding in this situation and also put forward the revised rules and protocols of Covid-19. 

Recently the government has also shut down the market of the state for not following the covid protocols such as wearing the mask, frequently sanitizing, and maintaining social distancing. 

The government has also implemented night curfew and the surveillance of the police to ensure the people are following the guidelines to bring the situation in control and save the nation from the third wave of Covid. 

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