WOW Skin wisdom calls for a poison- FreeHoli with its new crusade.

WOW Life Science-Toxin-free Holi
WOW Life Science-Toxin-free Holi

Leading D2C particular care brand, WOW Skin Science has launched a unique social media crusade, aimed at promoting a poison-free Holi. The crusade named, ‘Unholi ko Holi kar de’ personifies dangerous chemicals set up in particular care products in a delightful way, while leading to a larger communication of celebrating a safe and natural Holi.

The crusade aims to produce a change in the way we celebrate this jubilee by encouraging the bystander to make choices that will reduce the poisons in our life. As part of the crusade narrative, we follow the trip of the ‘Unholi Gang ’ through a series of 5 vids on WOW Skin wisdom’s social media handles. poisons as Toxy Singh, Parabens as Para Beenu, Sulphates as Sulphuraj, and Silicones as Silly Kone. The humorous approach taken in each videotape highlights the toxin caused by each gang member, making the cause relatable to the cult.

Talking about the action Vanda Ferrao, Chief Marketing Officer, of WOW Skin wisdom says “WOW Skin wisdom is a colonist of all effects natural. Our juggernauts just like our product immolations come with a strong narrative italicizing our brand morality of safe and poison-free products. The rearmost Holi crusade could not have said it any better. With humor as a kidney to convey our communication, we want to nudge our consumers to celebrate a poison-free Holi.”

Manish Chowdhary, co-chief administrative officer of Body Cupid Pvt Limited said, “With the beauty assiduity evolving, consumers have also come conscious of their choices, they’re now well clued with the brand, and they understand the counteraccusations of investing in a particular brand/ product. Moment’s consumers are conscious of the ramification of using harsh chemical products and one can witness the apparent shift to natural products. Mindfulness is rooted in the belief system and with this crusade, we prompt consumers that nature is the stylish schoolteacher, the result giver for all your straits and to encourage people to Be WOW, Naturally. ”

Manish and Karan Chowdhary launched Wow Skin wisdom in 2014 as a poison-free beauty brand. Run by parent company Fit & Glow Healthcare, the brand retails both online and in stores.

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