ZebPay’s new app:  to make easy SIP payments in Bitcoin and Ether


ZebPay, a cryptocurrency asset exchange, today announced the introduction of ZEBB, new software that provides users with simple, quick, and convenient Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) choices in Bitcoin and Ether. According to the firm, one may start a SIP investment in Bitcoin and Ether using the app in only three steps. Users will be able to start their Bitcoin and Ethereum (Ether) SIPs with as low as Rs 100 via the app.

According to the firm, one may start a SIP investment in Bitcoin and Ether using the app in only three steps. The software ZEBB promises to make investing in Bitcoin and Ether easy for everyone by decreasing the barrier of entry, not only for seasoned traders and crypto enthusiasts.

Additionally, using ZEBB, one may automate their SIP investing on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as quickly purchase or sell with zero percent buying costs. Simply create an account, complete the KYC procedure, and begin purchasing Bitcoin or Ether.

ZEBB provides SIP in Bitcoin and Ether, two of the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrencies. With a market value of over a trillion dollars, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency. With a market value of over 43 billion dollars, Ether is the second-largest cryptocurrency.

As a result, experts believe that because both Bitcoin and Ether prices fluctuate a lot based on market demand and supply, rupee cost averaging is the best approach to acquire an average price on both assets. The website promises to provide investors with that by allowing them to invest in SIPs to build their wealth over time.

Avinash Shekhar, Co-Chief Executive Officer, ZebPay, says, “We have always encouraged investors to dollar or rupee cost average. It will be simple for investors to do so using ZEBB. Furthermore, Bitcoin and Ethereum are revolutionary technologies with enormous growth potential, and SIP is one of the most efficient wealth-creation methods, allowing consumers to invest at the greatest possible average buy price.”

“If, for example, an investor had purchased Rs 100 Bitcoin every week for the previous year, they would have made about 72 percent on their total investment of Rs 5200,” he continues.

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