Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge S2, chefs dissect desserts.


With a mix of international shows and locally produced programming, Zee Café has always offered audiences unrivaled pleasure. The channel’s original show, ‘Chef Vs. Fridge,’ aired last year and received a lot of positive feedback from foodies all around the country. The channel is planning to bring back the competitive culinary show for a second season after a successful first season. Season two of ‘Chef Vs. Fridge‘ will provide many integration opportunities as well as access to a larger audience.

Every episode of the unique competition culinary show will feature two new participants who will be challenged by the judges to create remarkable dishes using ingredients from the Mystery Refrigerator’s ‘Boss Chiller.’ The motto of Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge Season 2 is a culinary competition amongst specialists. The show takes two professional pastry chefs into the kitchen for the upcoming episode, which is themed ‘Deconstructed Dessert.’ Chefs Ramandeep Singh Bagga and Vishwas Anand Jamdar will compete for the title of Culinary Champion of the Day.

The chefs were given the task of creating a dish that was inspired by nature and infused with Indian flavors. The two chefs were also given the option of choosing one item from the judges’ deconstructed tiramisu, which featured a microwave sponge cake, coffee leather, cookies crumble, and coffee mousse. For this episode, Chef Shipra’s YOTD was a citrus juicer. “I felt that the crumble would be the safest item from the menu because I could pair it with practically all courses,” Chef Ramandeep Singh Bagga said of the challenge.

“I believed my platter might carry one thing to produce acidity about which I was already thinking,” Chef Vishwas Jamdar remarked of utilizing YOTD. I needed an acidic ingredient in my recipe, so I was going to add oranges anyhow. As a result, I chose to squeeze an orange.”Chef Jamdar creates a stunning plate of deconstructed chocolate panna cotta near the end of the program Chef Ramandeep creates a flowery thandai cheesecake with Hide and Seek to crumble, orange jam, and black rice tuile. Which presentation comes out on top? In the struggle of flavor, presentation, and innovation, who wins? To find out, watch Season 2 of Chef Vs Fridge.

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