AI is becoming an independent force


Google’s AI program called LaMDA has become independent. Similarly, artificial intelligence can give you many successful results in this world. But they also have some disadvantages. For example, scientists have shown that if artificial intelligence or machines take over the entire world. Then it will be a demerit for the human race as the machines will try to enslave the human beings and rule over the entire planet. This is a fear that the general people have about artificial intelligence and its progress in the future.   

But today, there are examples that show that artificial intelligence can become independent, but only up to a certain extent. Before they can become completely independent, the related projects are shut down. So, the feeling that artificial intelligence is not good as it can initiate a decrease in our progress in the future, is not correct.   

In the present scenario, many big companies are working on the progress of artificial intelligence for the general public. But they are not very advanced. Some of them are still in the development stage.   

On the other hand, companies like Google and Facebook have tried to make many artificial intelligence machines or software that can help you in your day-to-day task. Even Amazon Alexa is an example of an application of artificial intelligence which helps you in your tasks by listening and responding to you as a human being. But it doesn’t make it a human being.  

So, considering the future of technology, artificial intelligence can become a weapon for human beings in search of the perfect world that we dream of having to live in. It will also help you in creating an environment that will be fruitful for our future generations. It will also help you in decreasing the damage all are doing to the environment, directly or indirectly. Artificial intelligence is currently helping you in many different sectors like petroleum, research fields, and many other fields.  

They are mainly here to help you in improving our accuracy and the ability to process a huge amount of data. Finally, they help you in getting an outcome as a result of those data. Today, companies have a large amount of data that they can process and use for their benefit to create something new, for example, the voice assistant. You have them in your modern devices as a result of the research which people have done previously in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

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