AR/VR to set foot in Online shopping in India


In the shadow of Covid -19, online shopping is booming globally, according to YouGov’s latest report, ‘International Omni-Channel Retail Report 2021: Shopping in the pandemic and the implications for the future. The report is predicated on quite 18,000 interviews. It provides a high-level analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on shopping attitudes and behaviors across 17 markets.   

India has been showing a growing trend in following fashion from around the world. This trend has lead Indians to a global shopping platform. With the hit of the pandemic, everyone prefers to stay home, and delivering to your doorsteps seems to be a convenient option. Yet these are limited to categories. Clothing and gadgets are the top categories in demand.    

India is among the leading countries to indicate interest in adopting innovative technologies like AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) for retail shopping. Consumers prefer to shop when it involves essentials everyday items physically. Medicines or medical supplies, food, and drinks are still preferred to be shopping physically from a store nearby. At the same type, clothing, accessories, personal care products, mobile phone are some of the items flourishing in the online market.    

One of the main reasons for online shopping seems to be to doorstep delivery of the items. On the other hand, product return policy and the inability to physically experience the products were stated as the significant barriers discouraging consumers from shopping from this medium. And that is the exact reason why people prefer the essential items from a store nearby rather than online. The doubtful authenticity and the inability to physically experience the product seem to be a hurdle in online shopping. Yet, the factors such as lack of offers and variety dissuade consumers from shopping in stores. With the introduction of AV/VR to the Indian market, hurdles like the physical experience of the product disappear.   

The online shopping industry has been a sensation ever since it arrived. It began it thrived, and it’s blooming from apps developed for shopping and to favorite apps to moderating to promote online marketing and shopping. Now, with the introduction of AR/VR, it is clear who holds the future. 

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