YouGov Report on AR/VR for Shopping


YouGov a British international Internet-based data analytics firm and market research, Headquarter in the UK. The latest global report of YouGov reveals that India is one of the leading countries that has shown keen interest in innovative technologies like Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in retail shopping. Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) bridge the digital and physical worlds. They allow one to take in information and feel content visually, in the same way, we take in the world. Around 67% willing to welcome AR/VR in clothes shopping.

YouGov’s ‘International Omni-Channel Retail Report 2021: Shopping in the pandemic and the implications for the future do overview research on shopping behaviors and attitudes during COVID-19 across 17 markets.

Apart from clothing 56% of India gives a nod to technology/home appliances. This denotes that the future of augmented shopping in India seems positive and it also creates a new avenue for online retailers. The main Motivation to buy items online is home delivery said 69% of Mexico and 66% of Indians.

On the contrary talking about a store’s ability to physically experience products come as a motivation confirmed by more than 53% of Indians.

Observing the general shopping habits around the globe, brick-and-motor channels and online channels show an average penetration of 86% and 81% respectively. In the case of medicines and medical supplies penetration is 14 points higher in brick-and-motor channels than online 40% brick-and-motor and 26% online And other essential category Foods and drinks show data as 41% brick-and-motor and 33% online. In Mobile phones as 29% brick-and-motor and 15% online.

“This pandemic situation has led to shifts in shopping behavior among consumers across the globe. It is therefore essential for retailers and brands to be cognizant of these changes and understand the cross-channel interplay between offline stores and online”. – Deepa Bhatia, YouGov India

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