Artium Academy launches ad with Patron-In-Chief Sonu Nigam


Artium Academy is India’s first online academy in India to have music masters come together as faculty heads for a performance-driven syllabus especially designed by them. It will help music enthusiasts to learn music and get benefits from an original education platform sitting in their homes.

Students of all age groups can attend the live and interactive classes on Artium Academy’s platform which are produced by highly qualified music teachers who are not only well trained but also certified by the academy.

Artium Academy strives to enable Indians across the country, to not just listen, but also learn music with well-structured performance-driven modules specially designed by music masters, taught one on one by verified teachers on a digital platform.

This gives learners a personalized dashboard, tools for learning, graphs, a studio for practicing, and a virtual auditorium to perform live for the audience.

To lend depth and build a strong Music teaching, Artium Academy’s Academic Board has extremely talented and most renowned artists like Sonu Nigam as its Patron-in-Chief and India’s leading voice expert Anant Vaidyanathan, as the Chief of Pedagogy of the academy. They will be structuring the academic policy and the delegation process.

Along with Sonu Nigam, Artium’s Academic board comprises music maestros like Shubha Mudgal (Hindustani Classical), Aruna Sairam (Carnatic Music), KS Chitra (South Indian popular film music), Louis Banks (Keyboard), Aneesh Pradhan (Percussions), Raju Singh (Guitar) and Gino Banks (Drums) acting as Faculty Heads, driving the curriculum for their respective genres.

The Founder and CEO of Artium Academy, Ashish Joshi earlier led Mezi’s operations in India which was later sold to American Express. Ashish was in senior positions at CA Media and Universal Music and Hungama digital media before that.

Ashish Joshi, Founder, and CEO of Artium Academy say, “ Artium Academy is going to give centuries-old, respected music training methods of India with keeping in hand the technological opportunities of the new era to create a never before learning experience for the music candidates of today.

“Artium wishes to be the leader in technological innovation and research to improve the power of self-assessment, to capture huge data from quality human judgments, and feed machine learning towards the creation of AI-supported systems for prescription and assessment.

Its utter experience of the learning session, and facilitating the reach of qualitative teachings to the deserving across the globe.”

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