Comfy’s campaign features Shraddha Kapoor as brand ambassador


With its superior technology to provide affordable and high-quality sanitary napkins, Comfy Snug Fit, a fast-growing menstrual hygiene brand from the house of Amrutanjan Healthcare Limited (Amrutanjan Healthcare), brings new hope to the women’s hygiene sector.

The brand aims to offer hygienic menstruation options to cloth users and will launch an advertising campaign to educate cloth users about the health and hygiene advantages of using sanitary napkins instead of cloth. It has enlisted the support of renowned actress Shraddha Kapoor to promote a menstrual hygiene awareness campaign.

According to studies, about a third of India’s 355 million menstruating women use just cloth to handle their menstrual hygiene. In India, only 38% of menstruating girls talked to their mothers about their periods. Owing to a lack of adequate menstrual hygiene management services, nearly 23 million* girls drop out of school each year.

Women in the country are suffering from severe health problems as a result of their lack of menstrual hygiene. Every year, nearly 60,000 cases of cervical cancer deaths are registered in India, with two-thirds of these cases being caused by bad menstrual hygiene. Access to high-quality goods and their affordability are significant roadblocks to improved menstrual health.

Amrutanjan was the first company to introduce a high-quality napkin at a price point that was accessible to a wider audience, starting at Rs. 20. Amrutanjan Healthcare has teamed up with TZMO Europe to obtain better technology, which is also made with North American pulp.

In addition, the company enlisted the help of an Israeli professional consultant for technical expertise, allowing it to create a superior product. Comfy claims to have an absorption rate of 80% higher than the competition in India.

A new initiative will be launched by the company to emphasize the importance of menstrual health and hygiene. The campaign will be introduced across various channels, including television, digital, and in-store.

Mr. Mani Bhagavatheeswaran, Chief Marketing Officer, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, reported that sanitary napkins are used by around 2-3 percent of women in rural India, with the majority of the rest relying on cloth. The latest campaign aims to inform them of the advantages of using sanitary napkins.

They are also excited to accelerate our journey by bringing Shraddha Kapoor on board as their first-ever brand ambassador since she is well-known and interacts with the target audience. She also brings honesty and integrity to her position as an ambassador since she has spoken out loudly about topics that are important to her.

Many girls, according to surveys, drop out of school each year when their periods begin. In many parts of the world, using cloth is still the standard, putting girls’ hygiene at risk. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also increases the risk of infection.

Thus, the powerful campaign line ‘Mud ke nahin, ud ke dekho!’ (don’t turn back to search for stains, just fly) is used by Comfy sanitary napkin to cue liberation. 

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