Dabur Red Toothpaste Ad uses cultural diversity to break category codes


Dabur, an Indian Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company and also known for its Natural Health Care and best Ayurvedic products, come up with an ad that is completely different from another traditional way of advertising toothpaste.

In the FMCG sector in India, toothpaste is one of the highest, most dynamic, and most competitive groups. Despite the presence of other MNCs like Pepsodent, Sensodyne, Colgate-Palmolive, the Dabur can ale to showcase its own existence in the market since 2003. The new commercial for Dabur Red toothpaste by Ogilvy does not pledge to combat germs or white teeth. Although most of us are used to seeing a dentist in glasses prescribing us a toothpaste, a different direction is followed by Dabur’s latest ad.

Dabur Red Paste thanks its 35 crores (and growing) customers for making ‘Desh ka Lal’ with this film. The organization discusses the colloquial use of the term ‘Lal’ here, which not only signifies the color ‘red’ but is also commonly used to express admiration among Indians. Ogilvy Gurgaon has conceptualized the brand campaign. The press release notes show how Indians have adopted the brand and cut through territories, languages, and communities to become an important part of their lives. Asian Paints is another brand that in the past used ‘red’ in its marketing messages in a cultural context (also handled by Ogilvy).

This is not the first time this year that Dabur Red toothpaste has broken advertisement type codes. Back in February, Gurgaon-based creative agency Thinkstr published a minute-long ad that was scripted, produced, and directed in-house. 2020 has been a busy year for Dabur Red Paste in ads. It brought ‘Chaubey Ji’ back for three new advertisements in its bid to own the immunity room. In the ads, to boost his immunity, we see ‘Chaubey Ji’ eating raw Haldi, amla, and ginger. What’s fascinating to remember here is that Dabur Red Paste praises ‘Chaubey Ji’ for his good teeth that made him chew all of these raw ingredients. A new approach to the customers regarding the toothpaste by Dabur would generate more potential to grow since it is ‘Desh ka Lal’.


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