Domino’s grants lifetime free pizzas to silver medalist Mirabai Chanu


India’s weightlifter, Mirabai Chanu who represented India in the weightlifting category at the Tokyo Olympics and won a silver medal for the country on 24th July 2021, a few moments after the victory, during an interview with NDTV, the weightlifter expressed her wish to celebrate her win by eating a delicious pizza. Upon watching this, Domino’s took the matter into its own hands.

The ongoing games are going pretty well for the nation. It has been just four days and the country is already encountering winnings, all thanks to our talented and hardworking athletes. On Saturday, Mirabai put an end to India’s dry spell of twenty-one long years in the weightlifting category!

Ms. Chanu participated in the 49 kg category and the win was possible because of her dedication and hard work over the years, which finally paid off on Saturday. The fact that she asked for a pizza to celebrate her victory speaks volumes about the number of sacrifices she must have made for the win. People don’t often appreciate or acknowledge the hard-core training which our athletes go through, years and years of patience are required to achieve something like this.

Strict diets, fixed waking and sleeping schedules, long hours of continuous practices, injuries, almost nil social life, financial difficulties, pressure from the society and the government, and the resilient attitude of never giving up all go hand in hand for an Indian athlete.

The silver medalist how she craved a pizza and wanted to celebrate her win in the same way, by eating a pizza. This is where the leading, American multi-national pizza brand – Domino’s came to the rescue. After her interview on NDTV aired, Domino’s decided to treat the silver medalist with a pizza. The pizza brand surprised her with a pizza home delivery as a small token of appreciation and also announced a lifetime free delivery of pizza for her.  She said, “First, I am going to have a pizza. It has been a long time since I have not eaten one, and I have waited for this day for a long time, so first I’ll have a pizza”.

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