FCB Group announces elevated C-suit Team for India


The FCB Group India announced a restructuring of their creative agencies and to launch three new agency structures- FCB Ulka, FCB Interface, and FCB India. The flagship project headed by the Vice-Chairman, Nithin Karkare also announced the newly upraised C-Suit team.

Focusing on the changing trend, FCB Ulka raised the young blood into a certain modified system to lead the agency to the next level to adapt to the next phase of growth in India. The team announced Kulvinder Ahluwalia as the Chief Executive Officer and Saad Khan will be the Chief Strategy Officer and Keigan Pinto to lead as the Chief Creative Officer.  In the early stages of FCB Ulka, Kulvinder, Saad and Keigan played a crucial role in maintaining and keeping a structural flow in the field of strategic planning, account management, and Creative at its office in Mumbai.

FCB Ulka is well-known for its strategic chain of actions in maintaining and keeping the relationship with its clients. Creating the brand ‘Never Finished’ from scrap and the successful journey over the last 60 years speaks out the international quality the team maintains with its clients. The data shows that 7 out of 10 clients in the top ten have a relationship of over three decades. This is more than enough proof to depict the healthy relationship from the house of FCB Ulka.

Commenting on the occasion. Nitin Karkare, Vice Chairman, FCB Ulka said, ‘This is the year Ulka celebrating her 60th anniversary, which we pledge our efforts for keeping the pride for the next 60 years as well. This is the period that we want to make FCB Ulka ready for future endeavors and challenges. And the exact way is to find and filter the talents within the FCB Ulka. Our early heads and the strong pillars, Kulvinder, Keigan, and Pinto have pt notable efforts in building the office in Mumbai and I am very glad that they will be heading the future of FCB Ulka’.

Rohit Ohri, Chairman and CEO, FCB group India said, ‘Empowering and strengthening the talents to get them upfront is the philosophy of our organization. I am proud of this structural change along with the uplift of young blood because it embodies the essence of #TalentAboveAllElse’.

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