Fevicol enhances user engagement with immersive mobile ads of mCanvas


mCanvas, an experienced storytelling medium for small screens, has partnered with Madison to develop three immersive smartphone advertisements for Fevicol. The Pan-India movement has crossed more than 3.4 million people. Creatively incorporated voice recognition technology and accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors provide consumers with a sensory-rich interface on small displays. Multilingual advertisements highlighted the brand’s campaign video ’19 20 da fark’ and ‘Yakshagana’ based on the iconic Hindi idiom ’19 20 ka fark’ and the well-known South Indian dance style. They aimed to raise awareness of the sharp contrast between our high-quality product and ordinary glue with a rich-media smartphone ad that would carry the vision to life in the most innovative manner.

The first creative opens a video slot on the screen that shows a snippet from the ’19 20 da fark’ TVC. After a few seconds, the ad asks viewers to shake their phones to figure out why they should still prefer Fevicol over ordinary glue. If the viewer physically interacts with the ad, the video would resume; it is operated by sophisticated motion sensors. The closing screen appears upon completion, displaying appropriate branding and main graphics.

The second innovative is in two languages-Punjabi and Hindi. For Punjab and Chandigarh consumers, the immersive ad shows the TV advert ’19 20 da fark’ in the Punjabi language. Also, consumers in Haryana, Jaipur, Nashik, Nagpur, and Indore were shown the Hindi language edition of the brand’s TVC. The interactive ad opens a copy of ’19-20 ka fark Sahi hota hai ya Nahi? Aaiye jaanein’, After which the screen transforms and features the TVC that starts to play. The video stops briefly, and the copy changes in the commercial, instructing viewers to press the mic button at the bottom of the screen and say “Haan” or “Naaa.”

The third innovation is also present in two languages, Kannada and Telugu. Users in Karnataka are targeting advertisements that have seen the Yakshagana TVC in the Kannada language, while those in Hyderabad have shown the same TVC in the Telugu language. The expandable open to the TVC video snippet, along with a prompt for users to shake their phone to figure out why Fevicol can still be their supreme video snippet.

Users spend more than 10 seconds on average using immersive advertising. With a contribution rate of 2.2 percent, which is 11 times the industry average of 0.20 percent for smartphone banners, advertisements smash the standard and resonate well with consumers.

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