Glad U Came bag the Influencer Marketing mandate


Glad U Came was successful in its bid to get the Influencer Marketing mandate for The Momo Company. Glad U Came, a PR and Influencer Marketing Agency that has won several awards, has just secured the Influencer Marketing Mandate for The Momo Co., which is well known as the best place to get mouthwatering momos.

The company will be responsible for planning and implementing one-of-a-kind marketing strategies for influencer marketing and celebrity gifting, as well as growing brand recognition among Indian customers. After hearing presentations from several advertising companies, the client selected the one that best met their needs.

The Momo Co. is a dream come true for anybody who likes momos! With its mouthwatering and drool-worthy momos, the firm intends to create fascinating momo-ries for its customers. The Momo Co. is committed to satiating our demands for steamed, fried, and wok-tossed momos by offering a diverse selection of flavorful options that may be prepared in various ways. The brand’s goal is to provide customers in India with an expanded selection of mouthwatering momos that they may try.

Glad U Came has established itself as one of the most reputable public relations businesses in Mumbai due to many years of arduous labor and unwavering commitment. Because of the innovative and eco-friendly methods of integrated marketing, Glad U Came has firmly established itself as the agency of choice for a wide range of companies. The company adopts a strategic and goal-oriented approach, and the public relations campaigns that it performs have been meticulously prepared. This enables the company to deliver additional value to its clients reliably.

“our mission is to offer the best to the brand and promote its concept via our novel Influencer Marketing and Celebrity Gifting strategies,” Maddie Amrutkar, the creator of Glad U Came, has stated that this is the company’s primary goal. This was evidenced by the fact that Glad U Came has the status of being India’s public relations business with the highest growth rate. Our crew is comprised of individuals that are dedicated, talented, and brimming with vitality! We aim to develop innovative ways to increase brand exposure and growth, and one of the ways we achieve this is by adopting a comprehensive and integrated strategy.

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