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The largest loan marketplace in India, CredAvenue, has changed its name to Yubi. The company’s long-term goal of dominating the loan ecosystem and serving as a global infrastructure layer enabling frictionless access to cash is embodied in the new brand. 

Through a makeover of its website, social media accounts, and current product lines, the new brand will be reflected in every client touchpoint. In keeping with its commitment to assisting its clients to “Go Get Great,” Yubi will provide a richer, more consistent brand experience.

Any business that rebrands makes progress. What are the goals and purposes of this rebranding? Have you updated your company’s vision and objective to better align with the new brand identity?

The main goal of the rebranding exercise was to create the brand on a worldwide platform, get the trust of larger enterprises, and become a company that is omnipresent in the loan ecosystem. By shortly adding offices in Dubai, we plan to grow outside of India in the MENA area. With a memorable and iconic moniker, we seek to increase brand recognition among our numerous stakeholders and highlight our function as a facilitator both domestically and globally in the debt ecosystem. 

What was the new brand identity intended to convey? Has there been any research done with your stakeholders to gather some ideas for this new brand identity? 

The objective was to distinguish the brand and its special offerings from the competition. We needed a name that is distinctive and has an iconic brand memory because our products are what set us apart from other contenders.

What purpose will the new brand identity serve? How will it help the business?

The new brand identity will reflect the organization’s long-term objectives and serve as a business enabler. The newly developed brand identity will assist increase consumer trust and open up countless business prospects. The organisation will establish a reputation for itself on a global level thanks to the new brand identity. In the past six months, Yubi has experienced exponential growth. As more companies become aware of us and incorporate us into their entrepreneurial endeavours, it may even go beyond credit-giving platforms.

How can your new brand identity help you connect with your target market? Has a media strategy been developed to spread the word about the new brand identity? 

 The organisation plans to further ingratiate itself in the debt ecosystem with the new brand identity. The media strategy will be developed with a focus on the shift experienced by the entire firm. Every client contact point, such as our social media profiles, website, and current product lines, will also be updated.

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