Hyundai Venue’s marketing mediums


Hyundai, the South Korean automaker, unveiled the redesigned Venue Tuesday, following a flurry of TV commercials enticing buyers in recent weeks. While the Venue was first introduced in India in 2019, the 2022 model is a facelift that promises greater functionality. 

The 360-degree marketing effort for this new model, according to Virat Khullar, Group Head – Marketing, Hyundai India Limited, was their biggest launch in 2022. 

“This is our entry SUV among the five SUVs we offer in India, with Hyundai Venue attracting our youngest SUV purchasers. We decided to renew it because of its popularity and because we have a young client base with ever-changing expectations” said Khullar. 

“For this launch, our communications strategy is to target Generation Z and millennials, and we’re putting a lot of emphasis on the platforms they utilise.While our major consumers are millennials (those under 40), we are also targeting Gen Z, who is a significant portion of the decision-making influencer base,” Khullar continued. 

“From an advertising standpoint, we’ll be focusing a lot on the features because it’s the most connected SUV in the country. The marketing strategy was launched on June 1st. We’ve already launched seven teaser TVCs, which are available on TV and social media. Each of these seven TV commercials focuses on a distinct aspect of the vehicle. After the car’s premiere ceremony on the 16th, the official launch ad will go live,” Khullar stated. 

The teaser TVCs were created and executed by Innocean Worldwide, Hyundai’s official creative agency. Hyundai India’s media agency is Havas Media. The brand’s positioning statement is “enjoy the lit life,” with Khullar stating that as people return to the outdoors after a two-year hiatus, the brand aims to be the vehicle for both a return to routine and new adventures. “It’s all about the comeback,” says the narrator. “We’re seeing a lot of comebacks in terms of shopping, travel, and dining out. As a result, I believe ‘living the lit life’ is a great fit for us, the product, and our target audiences,” he said. 

While Venue is aimed at Gen Z and millennials, Hyundai will not be arriving at the metaverse, which appears to be every brand’s favourite new battlefield, just yet. However, as part of its digital effort, it will target the country’s fast rising gaming demographic. 

This Sunday, at Cyber Hub Gurugram, a 3-D anamorphic installation, a first for the Indian auto sector, will debut, showcasing the product alongside visual animations and scenography. 

“Most car commercials focus on adventure, sports, and the great outdoors. However, with this automobile and all of its connected features, we’ll be looking at music, gaming, and other influencers in these new market segments,” Khullar said, adding that the campaign’s multiple aspects will roll out over the next three days, with outdoor going live on Sunday and print on Monday. 

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