IDFC Mutual Fund Launches Investor Awareness Film


The IDFC Mutual Fund celebrates “United in Diversity” in a unique way with its latest investor awareness film, titled “#UnitedByInvestments,” releasing this Independence Week. The film celebrates the diversity that makes up different investors across the country. The strength of India’s diversity has been talked about and celebrated every year, but it has largely focused on the diverse regions, languages, ethnicities and cultures scattered across India. Also available on the mutual fund social media channels. Diversity is given a new meaning in this film, and Fund house has a new meaning.

Talks about different investor personalities and their approach to investing expressed through their voices. The film comes at a time when the Indian diaspora exists in a digital world and social media obliterates borders and regions. With pan-Indian content being celebrated and the ideology of One India gaining traction, the film shows that ‘investment’ and ‘mutual funds’ are a constant across the country, and that all citizens build a better financial life and liberty. I’m trying to send a message that I wish you a long life. – Long-term financial stability. Mutual funds are presented as the answer to connecting people and giving the form of investment universal appeal.

According to Gaurab Parija, Head of Sales and Marketing, IDFC Asset Management Company Limited, said: Investors today are unique individuals with unique personalities and opinions. The concept of #UnitedByInvestments was born because we wanted to celebrate diversity in a new era while uniting people towards the common goal of financial freedom through investment funds. It features diverse characters from different parts of urban India, including Gen Z investors, bloggers and free-thinkers. The film also takes it a step further by acknowledging non-binary individuals and misfits in its audience. With diverse opinions shattering stereotypes and building narratives with differentiation, the film brings it all together by uniting those who disagree through a shared fund. “

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