Impact of covid on Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing began some years back as an awful niche way of brand name promotions. Over the last number of years, it’s evolved into an entire industry of its own. It all began when the youth of India started to obsessing over social media. Although influencers were greatly criticized initially, their recent shift towards spreading awareness during the pandemic is highly appreciated.  

India’s influencer market is estimated at $150 million in revenues per annum and shows integer growth in line with digital marketing agency AdLift. The influencers constantly changed their trend with time, people, and the situation around. During the start of the pandemic, they were pretty optimistic and started to point out support towards those disturbed by the sudden change in their lifestyle. From making Dalgona Coffee to dancing challenges, everything they tried to form everything fun and lightweight. Influencers also promoted fun and me time. They also focused on spreading awareness on mental health issues and encouraged people to address their problems and seek help.  

With the hit of the Covid-19 second wave, we can see a significant shift in their content. As plenty of individuals began to use social media to seek help, they began to support these people by posting their DMs and sharing other’s posts to induce aid sooner. Influencers are now treading a careful path of trying to be sensitive to the gravity of matters around us while still making content that appeals to their massive audiences. From sharing holiday pictures to sharing and concentrating more on serious content, many influencers are now smartly using their platform and fame to spread awareness and populate their stories with critical covid updates while others actively amplify essential campaigns.  

Although there has been some extend of backlash against creators for continuing to post their regular content. But it’s important to note that offering both entertainment relief with valuable information and updates are equally important now to educate as many people about the myths and facts regarding the virus and encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Additionally, many influencers are also looking to partner with brands making a difference and helping people during this situation. 

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