ITC’s new ‘Safai bina dhulai’ product raises the question of whether Indians will spray used clothes instead of washing them


‘More is always better’ appears to have become the expression of India’s laundry section. Cleansers in powder, fluid, and bar structures, cleansers and conditioners, smudge removers, cases, bleaches, starches… There is a huge load of items that you can use to wash and clean your garments. Tragically, it’s insufficient. 

Because of the COVID pandemic, you need to make a stride further and ‘sterilize’ yourself and the things you contact, for this situation, wear. The infection can adhere to your garments and standard washing may not generally help. Thus, different clothing brands have given their clients another weapon in their battle against infections and germs – fabric sanitizers. 

With Dettol, you can absorb your garments a combination of sanitizer and water, and afterward, hand washes them. Or on the other hand, you can add it (the sanitizer) alongside your cleanser to the ‘conditioner’ compartment for machine wash. On account of Lifebuoy, you can either hand wash or machine wash your garments with the arrangement, however exclusively after the ‘standard’ wash. 

This is only one piece of the new laundry sanitizer section, with ‘showers’ being the other. Godrej dispatched texture sanitizers under its Aer image. According to its site, “This trigger-splash bottle keeps your blinds, bed sheets, cushions, towels, floor coverings, carpets and mats shielded from germs, and keeps them smelling stunning.” 

These contributions are verification of the amount we’ve begun zeroing in on sanitization and neatness. We are more than able to utilize another item or make an additional stride in the clothing/wash cycle on the off chance that it causes us to feel that we’ve done what’s necessary to keep ourselves and our friends and family protected and sound. 

A couple of days back, ITC Savlon concocted another contribution. One that will protect your garments from infection, microorganisms, and scent-causing germs. Also, learn to expect the unexpected. There is no compelling reason to wash our garments, which implies one stage less in the clothing/wash cycle. 

The nearest offering to this shower comes from South Korean gadgets goliath Samsung’s ‘Air Dresser’, whose promotion was delivered on its India YouTube direct in December 2020. According to Samsung’s site, it “utilizes amazing steam and air to clean off, freshen up, tenderly dry and sanitize garments, and smooth out wrinkles.” It is estimated at Rs 1.27 lakh. 

The new ITC offering is called Clothes Disinfectant and Refreshing Spray; the 20-second spot, named ‘Germs ki Safai, Bina Dhulai’, shows a lady (mother) just spray on her child’s coat. 

The promotion’s depiction says the shower murders infection and 99.99 percent of germs like molds, organisms, and smell causing microorganisms on your garments, and invigorates them. 

Additionally, “It is delicate and protected on a wide scope of garments, similar to consistently wear (shirts, pants, kurta, tights), garments that are not habitually utilized (woolens, denim, coats, bedsheets, covers), textures and delicate surfaces that are not as often as possible washed (blinds, upholstery, couches, lounge chairs), and garments that get foul (exercise center wear, vests, kitchen towels).” 

While this new item accompanies the value of ITC Savlon’s germ kill and the decreased clothing cycle, we keep thinking about whether individuals will pick it, considering the huge number of items accessible on the rack. 

An entire host of sprays have been dispatched over the most recent couple of months, yet the jury is as yet out on whether they will get important to the buyer, says Jasravee Chandra, brand building, exploration and advancement, Master Sun, the counseling brand of Adiva L. (She has dealt with brand Lifebuoy in the past during her publicizing days.) 

Chandra proceeded to comment that “it appears to be far-fetched that the shoppers will want to add an unconvincing splash to their clothing system. Spraying doesn’t fall into place for us. We are a clean, swab and wipe culture. The spray appears to be inefficient and not successful. Maybe, additionally not all that protected since particles and drops take off noticeable all around as well.” 

Neeraj Sharma, arranging head, Rediffusion, reveals to us that the Coronavirus has made a specific arrangement of individuals additional mindful and the other set extra indiscreet. All the showers and disinfectants are for the initial set and they are lapping it up. 

“While for a couple, this could be excessive, for some, it is a legitimate item. Keenly, they have shown the coat and not a T-shirt – a dress piece which isn’t known for regular washing.” Talking about the ‘… Bina Dhulai’ part of the advertisement, helps yours genuinely to remember those aroma/antiperspirants that say, ‘Spray me, don’t bathe’. All things considered, you need to wash your garments one day… 

Says Sharma, “‘… Bina Dhulai’ part isn’t saying don’t wash your garments. In any case, it is saying that on the off chance that you are not washing, at that point at any rate sanitize… ” 

Chandra additionally discusses antiperspirants and says that the solitary sort of splashes we have received over the most recent few decades are scents and antiperspirants. “ITC has situated the item as an antiperspirant for garments, as an extra custom, a cleanliness enhancer for garments not much of the time washed.” 

The spray might be applicable for garments like pants, winter wear, sari, coats just, which are not washed routinely. One could likewise utilize the shower as a substitute for washing when one is voyaging, or during packed family occasions like a wedding, Chandra adds. 

“ITC has situated Savlon Clothes Disinfectant as a specialty item. The vital inquiry to pose is whether the situating will resound with the buyers,” Chandra closes down.

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