It’s time to protect retail stores- OkCredit Launches New Campaign


On the day of celebrating MSME OkCredit has launched a new campaign #PaasHaiToKhassHai. The digital campaign focuses on the importance of neighborhood stores in our day-to-day lives and underlines how these stores have fallen by the entry of e-commerce platforms.

The campaign encourages the customers to start buying products more often from these physical stores and helps them to sustain themselves in the market. Over the period, the retailers started facing stiff competition from online platforms and lead many of them to give up n their business in certain localities.

#PaasHaiToKhassHai underlines the services the offline retailers have done over the period and helping us continue to meet our daily needs. They have been serving us for ages and they were our first options to buy things. Time has given a shift to us and nowadays we follow the culture of online buying even for small things. As part of society, it is the duty of customers and the general public to encourage retailers to continue their services. The campaign points out that the warmth and the satisfaction of buying products directly from stores cannot be replaced by e-commerce platforms. The shop experiences, the touch, and feel, the bargaining, etc.

Presenting several scenarios, the campaign tells us the role carried by neighborhood stores in a society. The relation with the retailers and these places was a hotspot for many of us to gather and talk about certain social issues, crack jokes and be comfortable with our friend circles. These places were so nostalgic for many of us to remember our childhood. The campaign tries to re-create sweet memories to address the issue of retailers and to get them to the front.

As a consumer-driven society, it is important to support these shops for the revival of the economy.

About this Campaign, Harsh Pokharna said, ‘neighborhood stores are not merely a shop, in many perspectives, it’s a different world. Before the age of the internet, we use to visit these stores daily. All these places and stores give a nostalgic feel about our childhoods, I am sure, most of us feel the same way. This campaign is to underline the relevance of these stores and to protect them, he added.

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