ITW mix crypto and cricket: series T20 (India and Sri Lanka)


The dominance of Indian cricket in terms of commerce is not any secret – it accounts for a complete 45% of the entire cricket revenues generated within the global cricket market. Post-pandemic, the cricket market has been shaken but not the maximum amount because of the other sports.

 When India plays a game, an estimated 400 million watch them play and this, in turn, is that the reason why brands are wanting to invest whenever India is playing a series. Even once they are playing two, at an equivalent time.

 While we step into the 7th month of the year 2021, the sport of cricket moves into a young feel like a dynamic young team led by Shikar Dhawan and Rahul Dravid because the coach, combat Sri Lanka within the ODI and T20 series starting 13th July 2021; all this, while a Virat Kohli led team, is on a tour in England.

 Investing in cricket has been a reason for both pragmatism and prestige for brands. And this point it’s no different as we see crypto brands entering the stage.

 The title sponsor of the India v Sri Lanka T20I series is CoinDCX who seems to possess smartly chosen a series that despite not having big names like Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja related to it’s still projected to draw an enormous audience that would give them an honest return of investment.

 New-age tech brands aren’t shying far away from tapping the cricket market because it’s enough niches to accommodate a spread of selling goals. With a young audience who is usually tuned into cricket (more than 50% of India’s cricket watching audience, which is cumulatively estimated at around 700 million viewers by BARC), it makes particular sense for newer brands looking to focus on a younger audience.

 Bhairav Shanth, the co-founder of ITW, a decade-old sports consulting company that holds on-ground advertising and sponsorship rights for cricket in Sri Lanka, India and several other countries, thinks there’s an honest reason why young brands are exploring the cricket market as a worldwide platform.

 “The cricket game in India has its opportunity, therefore it’s always been sponsored by iconic brands and that we at ITW try in every way possible to cater to the requirements and therefore the current market. A Crypto-Asset exchange platform as a pioneer during this segment of sponsorship was the necessity of the hour because it not only creates curiosity but also indicates the progressive Indian economy”, he said.

 ITW has consulted many new brands looking to make buzz by leveraging cricket guiding them on the way to extract the simplest ROI from their association.

 It’s easy to think smaller cricket properties have little strategic value, but the reality is cricket investments are like cricket team selections. you choose horses for courses for the foremost effective outcomes.

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