Pran’s Potata- Better than ITC’s ‘All Rounder’?


Pran, a Bangladeshi food brand is gaining attention through their Potata, a wafer-thin biscuit all over India. Over a short period, Pran has gained the required kind of return to be on trend for a while and continues to be.

The attention-seeking elements are its way of packaging and the thin layer of potato biscuits and its taste. The product is unique in that it is a hybrid between a potato biscuit and a potato chip. It is very thin that it carries the similarities of a potato chip and its spicy flavor depicts it. Potato is the core ingredient and carries the profile of potato wafers.

To get a clear picture of how Pran managed to penetrate the market and its impact, last week the Indian FMCG major ITC has launched their version of Potata biscuit that almost carries the similarities of Pran’s potata Biscuit.

The ITC version, ‘The All Rounder’ not only made it thin but also resembles the packaging of Potata as well. The new launch of ITC comes under the product line of Sunfeast Baked products and not Bingo, the brand of spicy packaged chips and snacks.

It for sure that, ITC had a clear discussion on whether to put ‘All Rounder’ in Sun feast or Bingo. Considering the format of the product, it well fits in Sunfeast, and speaking about the product profile of ‘All Rounder’ is suitable for Bingo.

To deal with the market, The All Rounder comes up with a competitive price of Just Rs.10 for 33gms and Rs.20 for 75gms where Potata sells for Rs.25 for a 100gm pack. If we check on the product lines of Pran’s Food Business, it does intersect with certain ITC product line-ups such as Pran Potato Cracker is in Bingo’s space, Aamrosh for Candyman and Roma is in Dark Fantasy’s space.

 Focusing on Pran Food Business, its most product line-ups are focused on exporting to the western areas and the current trend and attention on India show the capability to compete for this Bangladeshi brand to FMCG Giant ITC. But Pran is yet to establish a national identity on their respective business.

‘The Biscuit or AD’ debate carried the Ad Campaign by Pran in India was well off for the last couple of months. And quite successful in penetrating the market all over India.

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