#TouchOfCare- Celebrities Honors Dr. Bhosale


The past year, the whole world witnessed a virus that made us stay at home. The whole year was a roller coaster where everybody needed support. We have witnessed the selfless services of our doctors and frontline workers all over India. We have experienced a new meaning of care. They tried hard and continues to save as much as they can.

In the past year, we lost a lot of personalities. We lost someone who we never expected to, who had a lot of goals to achieve, who might be an inspiration to millions. 

Through The Campaign #TouchOfCare is gaining popularity across the country, by taking initiatives from celebrities from divergent movie industries. They have come forward to show their touch of care, and inspiration to hold the hands of the poor, the needy in this tough time.

Sonam Kapoor, commenting on this Campaign, ‘In this pandemic period, everyone needs to be with the family with the loved ones. Dr. Bhosale tough us the important lesson, a valuable thought, that to help selflessly and to make sure that everybody is safe. I appreciate the effort by @Vicks India to extend this campaign and for keeping alive Dr. Bhosale’s dream. We should pledge to extend our hand of care to help the needy.

Bollywood Actor, Ranveer Singh Said, ‘the last year was tough for everyone. On this National Doctors Day, this Campaign is to remind us how important is our doctors to society and the services they are given and continues to do. Let’s take this opportunity to honor them’.

Shraddha Kapoor– ‘Got tears after watching the video of Dr. Bhosale, showing the care he has given and how he is making everybody happy in every room he enters. It shows the tremendous efforts and sacrifices by our frontline workers for caring the nation’.

‘Thanks, @Vicks India for coming up with #TouchOfCare and for helping me to see the real side of the story and for taking me through the tremendous journey of Dr. Bhosale’,

This Campaign is a huge support to the front line workers and on this Doctors Day, we can extend our hands in small ways to help them and their families. She added.

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