#JumpForHealth Campaign aims at 5 million jumps


Aditya Birla Health Company Ltd. (ABHICL), the Health Insurance subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited, a significant non-banking financial service company, has come up with the fourth edition of its #JumpForHealth campaign. # JumpForHealth is a movement, which was formed by ABHICL for people to begin their health journey through the power of jumping, through this, we could help differently-abled people to walk again. Along with the efforts of contesting individuals, and for every 10,000 jumps, ABICL is contributing one prosthetic leg to the underprivileged.

In those last three chapters, JumpForHealth has endowed and uplifted their families to enroll them in the fitness journey, through participation in this campaign. It has seen a massive involvement and had witnessed the consequences on the past 3 editions. They had managed to secure nearly 19 million jumps this time.

On their 4th chapter of #JumpForHealth, ABICL has aimed for securing around 5 million jumps. Excluding their hard times, people have become unstoppable because of their self-motivation, as well as they thrived to stay healthy. #JumpForHealth 2021 paved us into these qualities to not only in being the healthiest version of themselves. This campaign had also brought us ecstasy and euphoria to the participants from the prosthetic leg.

In this year’s campaign, ABICL consists of Sudha Chandran, who is famous for dancing with a prosthetic leg. #JumpForHealth dance video has illustrated an important role of the Covid-19 warriors during their difficult times, and also had expressed their condolence regarding the same. A ‘Jump for Health ‘- #ABHIKaro” tune has been broadcasted for the first time in various regional languages. Through this, they could adore and accompany the jumps with the ‘Jump-o-meter’ to count the jumps.

Mr. Ajay Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Capital, has indicated that ‘The fourth edition of #JumpForHealth 2021 campaign persuades the Aditya Birla Capital’s mission to provoke their people to increase their self-esteem and the need of staying healthier. This year, we could honor the unstoppable spirit of the Covid warriors, and also their relentless grit, and their sacrifice in difficult times.

This campaign has already got many participatory videos of people jumping in their style and rhythm. Participants were not only from the width and breadth of India. They had even many other contestants from the Philippines, Canada, USA, France, and Singapore. Most of the participants were Covid-19 survivors, doctors, police personnel, athletes, choreographers, school students, bank employees, restaurant workers.

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