Madhya Pradesh holds the welcome board again with the ‘Intezaar Aapka’ campaign.


Madhya Pradesh tourism has always been one of the shoo-ins in attracting a great number of tourists, both inland and foreign, as it blows its trumpets of naturally rich and luscious diversity that they possess and a huge variety of tourist destinations that are indeed a visual treat, where one can uninterruptedly traverse for their visual gratification and delight.

Recently, Madhya Pradesh tourism has launched an “Intezaar Aapka” campaign which aims at preferable travelers who can’t wait to step out to the greens, to travel and explore, who are otherwise locked up in their places due to the whole pandemic crisis. The tagline which says Intezaar Aapka which roughly translates into ‘we are waiting for you’, states that state tourism understands the current situation of travelers who were under lockdown for quite some time now. After lifting the travel bans, this project is hopefully expected to build back the confidence of the tourists and make them face the ‘new normal’ and hence promote all the major and minor tourist spots in the state. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board sets their sights on increasing the number of tourists hitting the state in the forthcoming days and bring back the glory. They aim at proposing specially designed tour packages to the tourists considering all the genuine concerns which include secured travel, stay, food, and every other amenities, during the expedition for getting their hands off COVID infection.

Keeping all these in mind, The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is off to promoting all places of interest such as Ujjain, Panchmari, Amarkantak, MAndu, and many other highlighted spots in the state. This campaign also depicts the key attractions of all these destinations too. This campaign also comprises a series of links and connections which along the way, gives the tourists insights about the places they are about to explore and the history behind them.

Being shut in their homes more than for about three months, this would surely be a solace to the eagerly waiting tourists, to come out with their loved ones, for a very short getaway.


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