Maintaining taste with minimum intervention most challenging: AK Tyagi


In this series, Campaign India speaks to the Indian brands that established themselves in the country before independence and continue to dominate there. Ahead of Independence Day, Campaign India spoke to Indian brands that established themselves in the country before independence and continue to dominate the space to understand how they have evolved. increase. Read on to find out how these brands will stay relevant for the next 75 years.

Here is an excerpt of a conversation with AK Tyagi, Managing Director of Haldiram Snacks.

What is the biggest advantage of being an Indian brand in the Indian market? Will it help you gain consumer trust?

Yes, having an Indian brand provides advantages to the current “Make in India” campaign. However, the consistency and excellence of taste that we have provided them with throughout time have allowed us at Haldiram to thrive on their faith.

What was the brand’s marketing strategy in the beginning compared to today?

Our approach is underpinned by Innovation, Quality, Flavor, Acquisition, and Technology. The strategy has evolved over the years. First, we developed pre-packaged snacks with flexible packaging to ensure longer shelf life. We have introduced on-the-go packaging several times. It has also expanded its distribution horizontally and vertically in the last decade, making its products more accessible to consumers.

Do your biggest competitors when you started exist now?

We have a huge portfolio of traditional and western snacks and have competed with both branded and non-branded suppliers over the years. Some do not exist today.

What is the most difficult marketing decision the company has made in the last 75 years?

Implementing the technology was the toughest decision. The industry was and still is labor dependent and many products such as Bhujia, Aloo Bhujia, Khatta Meetha Mixture Navrattan, Punjabi Tadka, Ladoos, Soan Papdi cannot achieve the texture and taste of the product without manual intervention. Because manufacturing was difficult in terms of, we have introduced technology. We have done a lot of research and development to eliminate manual processes and replace them with techniques that provide consumers with the same taste and texture with minimal manual labor.

How will you keep your company relevant for the next 75 years?

We have diversified our categories and products in response to changing consumer expectations, demands, and experiences. We are adding more categories that will help you survive for years to come. We conduct continuous market research and innovation and make product development/improvement decisions from time to time in response to consumer expectations.

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