My memory of watching 2011 World Cup that India won: Rajiv Dubey


Looking at Cricket international Cups on tv is a reminiscence few Indians can also have ever missed. Rajiv Dubey: Senior general supervisor – Head of Media, Dabur isn’t one in all of them. He is at his candid satisfaction as he shares his preferred Cricket global Cup reminiscences ahead of the imminent T20 global Cup that begins in October.

Tell us some of your earliest reminiscences of watching Cricket global Cups on television.

My first reminiscence of watching the Cricket international Cup is from the 1983 global Cup. The first in shape we saw live on television turned into the semi-very last India performed towards England. Thereafter the very end in opposition to West Indies that we gained. The following was the 1987 international Cup which we misplaced within the semi-finals. Then in 1992, we beat Pakistan in the first match they went on to win the sector Cup. Most of those World cup I fondly bear in mind after which of the path the pricey one was the 2011 international Cup which we gained.

In which were you during the icon 2011 Cricket global Cup very last?

Those days TVs have been not as big so we had placed up a large display and were given a projector from anyone’s office and that’s where we used to get collectively for most suits during the 2011 world Cup. It’s an excellent memory for us to assume it changed into 2nd April and we simply celebrated the win the entire night.

Have you observed any superstitions while looking at Cricket international Cups on television amongst pals and their own families?

Sure! The superstition has constantly been about people sitting in certain places. I do not forget during looking at 2011 very last in opposition to Srilanka there has been a man that became completely unlucky for us. Till he becomes in the room, Sri Lanka wouldn’t lose a wicket, and he’d depart they would lose a wicket. So, the man spent most of his time outdoor in the room.

The T20 Global Cup begins in October. What are your thoughts approximately the conflict in opposition to rivals Pakistan and which gamers do you suspect are key for India’s street to the world cup?

So, India-Pakistan in shape we will win, clearly’. In phrases of player in focus, it’s Jasprit Bumrah for me. Australia has rapid bowling pitches, and we have a person in Bumrah that could bowl nicely on those pitches. We had also need to score more runs and we have got lots of intensity inside the group for that so I’m hoping we will win the World Cup.

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