More than 700 websites, 94 YouTube Channels working against India

Source: IWMbuzz

According to the reports of 2021, after the incidents of Galvan Valley at the Indi-China Border, there were certain websites and YouTube channels that were creating and spreading hate against India across the globe. This was building a slow poison towards India and the ally of the nation were asking about the issue. To which responding, Mr. Anurag Thakur; the Union Minister of India who has the full authority of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting acted against these websites and YouTube channels that spread miswords against the nation that could hamper the national peace and sovereignty. This granted the rest of the governance to put forward further investigation on the websites and what was the source of those sites that were proactive on the internet.

When investigated further, it was found that more than 700 websites were torn down with some illicit activities that were proclaimed against India for the next seven years of interval. Still, the source for all these websites is yet to be known, yet the ministry found one clue that was attached to Pakistan wherein all the websites had one multiple IP authority. The IP authority is something that gives the user to create, edit or erase the date from the actual database without keeping any proper trace for any instance proof.

Moreover, it was found later that those websites were indirectly operated by 19 social media handles that were majorly linked to Pakistan and tried to spread the message of Jihad as a sole way to bring heaven to the people. As of now, there is proper action taken against these websites, social media handles, and YouTube channels and as per Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000, all these databases have been blocked by the Indian Government. Thakur said in the Rajya Sabha during the question hour, that these data acted as a milestone weapon against the ethical code and solemnity of the country as they tend to spread fake news and have regular propaganda against India over the internet.

The Intelligence department of India is being handled and monitoring social media and these websites on a regular term. Also, in addition to this, Apurva Chandra, the secretary of information and broadcasting said that strict action would take against the people who are responsible for doing these kinds of acts.   

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