Over 20 million discover interactive content on lock screen with Glance


Glance LIVE Fest (GLF) – India’s largest festival of live, interactive entertainment – was recently ended by Glance, a leading AI-driven lock-screen platform. The three-day festival attracted close to 20 million unique users thanks to Glance’s size and presence on the lock screens of major Android smartphone OEMs. On their smartphone lock screen, these individuals watched over a hundred live streams from famous personalities and artists in categories including entertainment, gaming, commerce, sports, music, and more. 

The glance was one of the first apps that allow users to discover content on their phone’s lock screen, which is where they spend the most time. Since 2019, it has been bringing premium live content and deep, meaningful interactions to lock screens all across the world, allowing consumers to become a part of the content. During GLF, Glance introduced numerous new, interesting features to further enhance this experience. 

GLF puts user interaction on the lock screen front and center.  

Glance’s interactive elements were a huge hit with users, with over 8 million interactions in just 72 hours. During GLF, people had the opportunity to take virtual selfies with their favorite celebrities and creators for the first time. Through virtual billboards, they were also able to watch themselves appear on lock screens around the country. Through AMAs, comments, live polls, responses, and more, Glance enabled viewers to build the narratives of live streams alongside their favorite celebrities and creators. 

  • On GLF, Rajkummar Rao was seen doing 32 push-ups when users challenged him, and his knowledge of movies and music was also put to the test. (With over 600,000 viewers)  
  • Users saw a furious rivalry between creators from Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Delhi in Fashion Premier League, first-of-its-kind live fashion combat. Users were allowed to vote for India’s most fashionable city. They chose Chandigarh as the winner after seeing street styles from these four places. 

Glance’s lock screen discovery allowed innovators and celebrities to reach a large number of people.  

Glance has been able to tackle a major content discovery difficulty that most platforms confront because of its presence on lock screens. Users tend to miss live material while it is happening, with an average of 20,000–30,000 people watching live shows on social media platforms. Only massive live events with very popular personalities typically get traction. Glance’s position on the top page of devices has allowed not just huge celebrities, but also artists and creators from all over the world to reach a large number of people. 

  • 360,000 people watched Jasleen Royal’s songs and her disclosures about her challenges on GLF.  
  • Live streaming of DJ sets from Goa’s clubs provided a unique option for millions of users to experience the Goan party scene at home. DJ Saj Akhtar played to a virtual crowd of 551,000, DJ OJO to a simulated audience of 677,000, and DJ Harsha to a virtual audience of 405,000.  
  • During the festival, consumers spent a total of 5 billion minutes, or 142 years, on live lock screen entertainment.  

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